2018 Wedding Trends

Keeping informed with wedding trends comes with the territory when you plan weddings for a living and I have to be honest - I love it!  I love trying new things, doing things a little different or expanding on traditions.  Here are some of the trends that are happening now:

For 2018 it seems there is no grey area.  Either couples are going all out for an extravagant local wedding and/or destination wedding OR the couples are hosting a very intimate affair with only close family and friends.  

  1. Cool casual comfort: Is everything. Today's brides are rockin' comfy yet trendy wedding jumpsuits, messy updos and hair combs, barely-there makeup and a pair of flats to dance the night away. As for the gents, cheers to chill, tie-free ensembles! 
  2. Minimalistic greenery: Big lavish floral arrangements are being swapped out for budget-friendly natural greenery like potted plants as aisle decor, moss decor walls, oversized tropical leaf or dogwood bouquets.  
  3. Closest family and friends only: Intimate celebrations are what matters most to 2018 planning couples with smaller wedding parties (one maid of honor and 1-2 bridesmaids) along with their closest of loved ones. 
  4. Food stations: Couples are also swapping out formal plated service for fun food stations serving up comfort foods like pizza, tacos, family recipes, ice cream sandwiches and soft pretzel bars.  
  5. Celebrating in color: Champagne and rose-colored wedding dresses, colorful candles on tablescapes/sprinkled throughout the decor, fun and festive latex balloons in varying sizes strung like garlands or suspended from ceilings... you name it! Even moody colors are in.  
  6. The nontraditional: Traditional diamonds are being ditched for nontraditional moissanite gems. Expected venues like churches and hotels are being ditched for unexpected venues like Airbnb homes and historic libraries. Couples are making unconventional entrances in scooters and boats and brides are floating down the aisle in capes and kimonos vs. classic veils. And, guests are being entertained with lawn games, sketch artists, tarot card readers, magicians and after parties! 
  7. Authentic destination weddings: Likely tied to #3 and no doubt the lure of swaying palms and sunny skies, the number of couples having overseas weddings incorporating authentic local cultural elements is on the rise with tropical locations like Grenada and Saint Lucia topping the list.  

What trends are you incorporating into your wedding day?

Happy Planning!