The difference in bridal events!

So far maybe all of the bridal shows are the same or similar.  Either booths with a bunch of wedding vendors or tables displaying a bunch of wedding vendors and you walk up and down each aisle marveling at what they have to offer, picking up free stuff and then moving to the next table.  By the time you get home you don't remember who is who and what you may have went there for.  

What if there were other types of bridal events that you could attend that you could remember who you saw and hire them that day - knowing that they are a PROFESSIONAL - not just a wedding vendor that can pay the booth fee?


What if you could ask specific questions and see other brides that are in the same postion as you ask questions that you need answered?  What if you walked into a room full of beautiful displays of tables and centerpieces and you could have lunch and mingle with other professionals and truly get to know them, rather than just have them try to sell you something in less than a minute?


This is what Epic Scenes does.  We host pop ups, wedding consignment sales and more events are on their way or will be announced very soon!

We want to hear from you!  What kind of events would you like to participate in? What doyou like or don't like about the bridal events that you've been too so far?  We want to hear from you!